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Experts beyond Compexity!

Who are we?

We are independent materials experts with:

  • Passion for complexity
  • Strong network
  • Added value for our customers

What do we do?

  • Consulting, Inspecting and Innovating
  • Providing knowledge-intensive services

For whom?

Construction & Industry.

Jo van Montfort

  • Hands-on creative entrepreneur
  • Breakthrough of the existing
  • Experienced consultant building materials
  • Top-expert coatings
  • Qualified corrosion engineer
  • Project manager
  • Focus on creating and innovating
  • Preference for complex issues
  • Strongly human and customer-oriented
  • Advocate open innovation
  • Motto: "sharing knowledge is raising your power"

Bjond approach

Bjond initiates innovations of materials and product within the building & construction industry. Bjond turns ideas into commercial success. We break through existing conventions, relase existing frameworks, and find ways, which were not discovered previously. Ahead of the rest.
Together with our partners and clients, Bjond combines knowledge from other fields into new solutions. Bjond creates by looking beyond, over, under and through existing barriers.