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Corrosion under insulation (CUI) how do you manage that?

A project has been completed in collaboration with various industrial partners such as asset owners, the insulation sector and the coatiing applicators, under the supervision of the World Class Maintenance (WCM) platform: 'Prevention and detection of Corrosion under Insulation'.

The main main motive for drawing up this guideline is to enhance environmental safety by better controlling corrosion under insulation.

The main goal of this project with an integrated approach wa to draw up industry guidelines (best practices) with which CUI can be controlled more accurately, predictably and cost-efficiently. These guidelines have been drawn up with a focus on the following three aspects:

  1. Risk-driven corrosion management;
    a practically useful decision model to determine the most cost-effective scenario controlling CUI within the specified risk band.
  2. Reliable Non Destructive Research Techniques;
    a practically usable and economically sound selection tool to be able to select NDT techniques that can reliably determine the degradation of the base material without removing the insulation plating.
  3. Guideline for Use of Coatings;
    a practically usable guideline that indicates which coating systems, within which boundary conditions, offers sufficient protection and with which service life at against what cost.

Bjond has laid the foundation for a tool to predict the life of coatings, watch the video about this: Video and read more about this: WCM